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10/30pcs Clear LCD Screen Protector Protective Film For U8 Bluetooth Smart Watch Phone


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Surface hardening (HC) treated reach 3H,wear-resistant.With Anti-reflective, Anti-fingerprint, Anti-oil, Anti-Glare.
Can effectively prevent UV 93-95%,protect your eyes,eliminate the reflected light, enhanced screen clarity.
Adopt Silicone electrostatic adsorption,repeatable paste,leaves no residue.
3 layers of PET film, top with Matte surface.
Condition: Brand new
Type: Matte surface
Material: PET material
Color: Transparent
Light transmittance: 98%
Three film thickness: 0.225mm (reference value), using layer: only 0.125mm / piece
Use Method:
1.Use the fiber cloth wipe the LCD screen thaton the fingerprints, dust, oil spots or dirt;
2.Put the protective film on the LCD screen, determine the posted directions;
3.Use shift stickers on the protective film,rip off tag 1;
4.The protective film gently attached to the screen;
5.Finally, rip off tag 2.
Package included:
10/30pcs x Screen Protector
NO Retail Box. Packed Safely in Bubble Bag.

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